Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tired of Blue! Moving to Green!

I am sooo over the color Blue! After months of working on the Tardis I found the most gorgeous pack of green batiks and thought "I must do something with this!" So I remembered that my brother, Shawn, out in WA said that he would like a green quilt. So here we go. Found a simple pattern called Strip Tease. It's simply sewing the strips and cutting the rows. This should go fast but then back to the quilt shop for the border fabric and the backing. Hoping to get it done before we head back to Illinois!

Update. At 2am I called it a night. Got the border on and loaded onto the machine. About 2/3 done and flight has been cancelled. Guess the fates want this finished!

3/9/12. Update. Done!

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  1. A very sneaky picture!! ;-) Just love the way this one turned out!! Loved having you both for a little extra time too!