Thursday, June 18, 2015

New and Improved Cutting Table

When I started to get serious about sewing I wanted a iron/cutting table. My wonderful husband built me one that worked for awhile. 

But I out grew it. I hated always having to move my cutting mat when I needed to iron and vice versa. So...I began to search for other options.  Considered having him build me another one and having one for each function but then I came up with another design option.  I ❤️ Pinterest!

So we start with three IKEA cube units. 

We put drawers on one unit and added plexiglass to keep stuff from moving through. 

Then put them in the desired formation. I threw in a wrench because I wanted a space to be able to slide extra cutting mats. 

Fastened together. 

Added a top and bottom and rollers. 

I  so very pleased. Little batting, fabric and elastic and I have the perfect workspace!