Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tardis Quilt Saga continues....

Well the middle is done. Unfortunately one gets to what you think is the end only to find out that its not perfect. As I sit here and beat myself up for my lack of accuracy, I have to admit that I am less than perfect so it's ok for this to be also. Ugh!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tardis saga...continues

Sitting down to work on these silly windows AGAIN.  Got smart and graphed it out this time.  That and had to pull out the grade school math book and actual use what we were taught eons ago...Well needless to say I now have an almost perfect window.  I am not going to squabble about an 1/8 of an inch!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Tardis Quilt Saga....

The Tardis Quilt saga....

Well it's been a really long time since I sat down and wrote here.  Have been very busy.  Wanted to document the project that I have been working on for posterity.  HA HA. 
My 17 yr old daughter is into Dr. Who.  Majorly.  The last 2 yrs I have worked on various projects to bring that to her life since its tough to actually find Who merchandise.  I went as far as having a Tardis digitized so that I could embroider it on stuff for her.  A laptop case, a scarf, a get the idea.  Anyway as I have gotten better at quilting, I got the bright idea to make a Tardis quilt.  So that she can take it to college with her and wrap her mom's love around her.  LOL.  I dont know that she realizes it yet but I am putting a ton of love, sweat and tears into this project. 

So it begins with looking for a design, which of course did not exist.  I surfed all over the internet and came across a Tardis quilt that a young lady made for her sister.  She did a really great job and she totally inspired me.  (google Airbrushed Tomatoes to see what an awesome job she did).

Ok, so it can be done.  Its just a bunch of rectangles put together, right?
Ok  maybe a little bit more than rectangles.  So toally NOT going with all the colors surrounding.  She was much more ambitious than I am.

Looked around the internet and came up with my vision of the tardis.  Got out the trusty graph paper and put it into inches.  This thing is going to be a monster.  At two inches per square this will definately make a twin quilt.  Maybe bigger.  Keep in mind, having self taught myself most of what I know and learning what I could pick up from my friends (Thanks Maureen) I dont think things too much through.  I get an idea and make it happen and am just thankful when it comes out almost what it was supposed to be.  HAHA.

Next was the search for the fabric.  I wanted a blue wood grain but discovered that is much harder than one might think.  Found one in flannel but didnt care to use flannel.  My sewing buddy, Maureen, once again came to my rescue.  The beginning of December she showed up with two yards of a royal blue marble fabric.  Not Moda however, it was Quilters Choice.  Thought that I could get away with two yards but that only lasted about two seconds when I started measuring it all out.  Then came the internet search.  Finding fabric that isnt the most popular up to date stuff is no fun.  My recommendation from learning the hard way, MAKE SURE YOU BUY EXTRA!!!!  After weeks of buying every little bit I could find and then dealing with the blues not being quite right, I finally had enough to make a go of it.  Cut the first pieces and put it up on the design wall.

The top piece with the words Police Call Box are from an amazing site call Spoonflower.  This is a site that actually lets you design your own fabric!  Thankfully for me I didnt have to reinvent the wheel.  Someone had already made that part and the paper on the door panel.  Once I got it up on the wall the creative juices really started to roll.  I just wish that I had more time to work on it.  I have been doing little pieces here and there for about 2 months now.  Sewing a strip during a stolen minute before bed.  I just work too much!
During this time I made a few trial door panels.  I wanted the indented affect but was not entirely certain how to achieve that.  My husband helped with this part.  He took my trial and uploaded into photo shop and adjusted the light sources to get the final affect that I was striving for.  I was convinced that there was no way that I could achieve that 3 dimensional look on flat fabric, but I was willing to try it out.  Shopped for the three different shades of fabric to achieve the look I was looking for. 
 Using Moda Marbles for the dark, medium and light outlines of each door panel it actually worked.  The pic on the side doesnt give the full affect but when I pinned them to the large door panel they popped!

This thing is finally starting to really look recognizable!  
They were only pinned in but wow.  It was getting pretty exciting. 
I am using applique to attach the door panels.  I mitered the corners and then used a iron on fusible to attache to the main panel.  Blanket stitched them down and door panels are done.  I am sure you have noticed the windows have not been added yet.  After two tries and two fails, I have put that to the side.  I actually put two windows together.  Problem was they were too small.  Not sure what my problem was.  Its simple math right?  Take the 10 1/2 inch square and divide by three for the across and 2 for the down.  Ya right.  Taking into consideration the half inch for the black slashing that goes inbetween and the half inch that surrounds the window (see the picture from the internet if I have lost you).  Much harder than simple match.  Oh dont forget to add your 1/4 inch seam allowance for all of the pieces.  UGHHHHHH.
Well, I am off to applique down some door panels.  More later!