Friday, March 1, 2013

Girls Wine Tour Trip- Jane's Birthday!

What a fun time we all had Saturday. We found a great deal on Living Social for a four winery tour in Michigan. Jane, Nancy, Sharon, Diane, Sue and my mom started in Chicago and boarded a bus and hit the road! We were celebrating Jane's birthday so we started early with two wonderful bottles of Red Zinfindel so kindly donated by Janes boss ( who actually made the wine in his club).

First stop was Lemon Creek Wineries. That was just enough to get us going and the reputation of the rowdy group on the bus!!!

Next stop was Barouda Foundaries. We had lunch there and actually went back and saw the wine vats.

Last stop was a twofer. St Julian's and Round Barn. Lots of laughing and "tastin"

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  1. Wow. My pictures are cut off. Thats not cool.