Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brown Bear Brown Bear

This had been a busy baby year for my family. Two new great nephews welcomed less than 3 months apart. And just found out a new babe on the way!  Secretly hoping the newest is a girl!  The first boy received the very hungry Catetpiller. The second born is getting this lovely.  
     I have to say I am so very pleased with the final project. I have such a tough time letting them go. This one is no exception!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do we see to start with?  Lots of lovely fabric from Andover!  
Starting concept but it's already starting to be much bigger than a standard baby quilt!   

Adding corner stones is difficult and tedious. What was I thinking?  
(Author Note:  made another quilt and discovered that my machine does NOT see a true .25 inch on standard settings. With the help of this little tool I was able to all pieces to line up almost perfectly. 

I am in love with this tool.)

After a few design changes the final design. Now for the middle!  After searching all over the Internet for a coloring page, was able to get a good scan and cut the middle bear. He will be appliqué. Deciding on the final fabric for him was tough. The whole quilt is very busy with vibrant colors. Didn't know if it was better to stick to solids or go with patterned fabric. 

I think the one pattern piece was exactly enough to make Mr Bear pop!  
Now for eyes. I have an embroidery machine. Can I find eyes that will bring him to life?

?  Not loving it yet.  

Hmmm better. But not quite certain. 

Yes that will work. So cute but must be blue. 

Oh so darn cute!  Fit perfectly!

Done!  Now off to be quilted. Unfortunately I couldn't get a flight to Tampa so sending off to my friend to quilt for me.  I am so lucky and blessed to have someone I trust. 

Chose a very simple pattern.  There is so much going on here didn't want to detract from the pieced front. 

Almost done. Binding is the last step. Can't wait for it to reach its new owner but it's hard to let it go. I am so loving this quilt. 

Done!  Can't wait to deliver to its new owner!

So darn cute!  Welcome little bear to the family!