Friday, March 1, 2013

Tardis is least the appliqué part!

Yay!! Well I am so happy to report I got the silly thing pieced! Down in Florida for what has turned into a bi-annul sewing trip. We got here Wednesday night and had dinner at Bahama Breeze. It was not as warm as I had hoped but I was on the patio deck in a tank top. Had the propane heater on though!

Thursday was a trip to Rainbow End which is just the biggest bestest quilt shop ever. I just LOVE this place. I feel so inspired the moment I walk in. Found the remaining material for the back of the Tardis quilt. Ordered two yards of something called Timey Wimey? It was a Spoonflower special but at $18/yard I had to fill in with a cheaper fabric to finish so the back will be a mix of that and a darker blue. Have t decided how yet. Might see in stripes to make my life easier.

Got back to the sewing studio and began. With the help of my wonderful mentor, Maureen Capps, we figured out a way to make my bottom mistake less noticeable. So I grabbed the seam ripper ( the horror of it!). Took off the lower left hand doer panel and repositioned. Cut the bottom even, added the cording and stoop and wallah! Sad thing was that when I packed my fabric, I didn't pack all of it. Didn't bring the medium blue that I planned on using to give depth to the stoop/step. Since I used Moda Marbles I thought it would be easy to find but no chance so ended up at Joann's. Even there I couldn't find the right medium blue. So frustrated I found a jelly roll that had the closest thing to my color that I could find. Spent $11.00 to get one two inch strip of blue. How frustrating!

So at midnight we called it a day. Tomorrow I piece the background and begin the appliqué of the booth onto the background!


  1. Shelley ~ You have done such a fabulous job on this Tardis! Talk about re-inventing the wheel!! I am going to have such FUN quilting this!! (Wonderful Mentor?? :-D Watch out ~ I might get the big head!!)