Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Disney umbrella stroller

LPlanning a trip next year with some friends and their little sweetheart.  She will be one month short of two. We intend to stay on property which means lots of walking to bus stops. To park. Back to bus stop. To room at large resort.   You get the picture.

I watch a lot of the blogs about Disney and was pretty surprised to hear that people have started stealing strollers. I have to say that's pretty crappy. So I attempted to discourage that by personalizing ours.  

Found this at for $19.99. I love a deal!

Then I took the canvas seat and umbrella top off. 

Decided to put our girls name using the Disney font! 

Added a bow and we have a beautiful addition to our stroller (I used just the bow section from a Minnie Appliqué pattern I have). Think she is gonna be a hit!

The final touch was a organizer that we had purchased years ago for the back of a car seat.  I was going to make something similar but found this in the garage and it will do the job nicely! Diapers, wipes, snacks and a cup and we are ready for a day at Disney!