Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Placemats

Ok so my good friend, Nancy, has this great talent of being able to see things and recreate them. She found a cute Easter placemat picture and recreated it. The first picture is her's and its my inspiration. But of course I have that issue with flowers. I just never can see some fabrics together. I did like hers though. So anyway I can up with my own version in bright "Shelley" colors. They turned out cute and I actually finished them so they spent a whole week on the table before Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

"Taste the Rainbow"

Fall 2012.
Omg. So I started out searching for fabric to make a quilt for my niece. I am soooo   attracted to bright happy colors and I absolutely LOVE Moda Marbles. After a trip to Prairie Quilt Shop in Batavia, IL I found my color palette. Now what to do. Wanted something quick and simple. Found the split rail pattern but wasn't loving it. I put the colors on the computer to help give me a visual. That helped!

Couldn't wait to start so I actually began this beauty before I left for Florida.  I had to have some sort of progress! 

Wasn't long before I had it up on the design wall.  I gotta get me one of these walls.  Its so much fun to see things come together.  My only problem is that I am loving it way too much.  Now the guilt.  I don't want to give it away. 

Does this border material not remind you of jawbreakers? 

Ok.  So I ended up keeping it after an inner turmoil and my friends giving me crap for even considering giving it away.  I can always make another one, right?  So I sewed my name and date into it so I wouldn't get weak.  Final quilt is called "Taste the Rainbow"  Because it reminds me of skittles!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Southwest Table topper

Spring 2012
As I planned my spring sewing trip I was looking for that "project"to do. After talking with a friend at work she asked if I could come up with a table covering for an antique table that a friend of her had. He has two dogs and he wanted to protect the table. She gave me pictures of his home and turned me loose.

Made it down to Rainbows End and began my search for fabric. I had sketched out a really rough idea of what I thought would work but the whole thing really didn't come together until I picked the fabric.

Once the fabric was decided on the whole thing went relatively quick. Cut the fabric into 2.5 inch squares.

Once I got the top done I had to figure out the sides. She mentioned she wanted something that would hang over the sides. Used a cording and added the side pieces. Overall I was pretty pleased. Had enough squares to make two pillows also!

The finished product!

Now that is what you do with leftover fabric!  Just saying!

Meet Happy Quilt-My First Rag Quilt!

Spring 2011
One of my very first sewing trips to Florida the "Happy Quilt" came into being. While shopping at Rainbows End, I found myself drawn to the bright happy colors. Started as a quilt for someone else and ended up as something that just makes me smile when I look at it! It was super easy to put together and this was the start to my sewing fun!

Minnie Baby Quilt

Going backward. Started this for some friends of mine that found out they were having a girl. Saw the fabric and HAD to do something with it. With some help came up with this. LOVED it!!!!
The red, black and pink just popped for me and I was so thrilled to present it to them. Used the Disney embroidery to put Minnie Mouse in between the picture blocks. Want to use this pattern again for sure!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas stuff

One if the coolest things about having an embroidery machine is being able to turn low cost items into things if sentimental worth. I had two nephews get married last year. Since I knew it was coming up the previous Christmas, I planned accordingly. I purchased tree skirts and stockings the day after Christmas and then prepared for my Christmas themed shower gifts. I added the family name and a few embellishments and wallah a pretty cool gift (if I say so myself). Add a Disney personalized ornament from the Christmas shop at Downtown Disney and its complete!

Had so much fun with it that I made a few for other people too. Only problem was my spelling. Ended up having to redo one due to a spelling blunder. Unfortunately I didn't catch it till after I gave it. Ugh. Oh well.

This one was for my niece.  Actually it turned out really cool.  Each snoflake has a name in red on it.  Just a little more personal touch.
If only I could spell.....grrrrrr

Spelled this one right!

Monday, March 4, 2013

10 Rubber Ducks

Sooo excited to finish this quilt! Fell in love with the fabric last year on a trip to Rainbows End, Dunedin Florida. Wanted to try the chenille effect. (dying to do a lady bug!). Put the top together and didn't have time to quilt it. Thought I would just stitch in the ditch but never got around to it. So brought it with me on this trip. Maureen offered to long arm it for me so I took her up on it! Put the binding on it last night! Another UFO finished!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tired of Blue! Moving to Green!

I am sooo over the color Blue! After months of working on the Tardis I found the most gorgeous pack of green batiks and thought "I must do something with this!" So I remembered that my brother, Shawn, out in WA said that he would like a green quilt. So here we go. Found a simple pattern called Strip Tease. It's simply sewing the strips and cutting the rows. This should go fast but then back to the quilt shop for the border fabric and the backing. Hoping to get it done before we head back to Illinois!

Update. At 2am I called it a night. Got the border on and loaded onto the machine. About 2/3 done and flight has been cancelled. Guess the fates want this finished!

3/9/12. Update. Done!