Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas stuff

One if the coolest things about having an embroidery machine is being able to turn low cost items into things if sentimental worth. I had two nephews get married last year. Since I knew it was coming up the previous Christmas, I planned accordingly. I purchased tree skirts and stockings the day after Christmas and then prepared for my Christmas themed shower gifts. I added the family name and a few embellishments and wallah a pretty cool gift (if I say so myself). Add a Disney personalized ornament from the Christmas shop at Downtown Disney and its complete!

Had so much fun with it that I made a few for other people too. Only problem was my spelling. Ended up having to redo one due to a spelling blunder. Unfortunately I didn't catch it till after I gave it. Ugh. Oh well.

This one was for my niece.  Actually it turned out really cool.  Each snoflake has a name in red on it.  Just a little more personal touch.
If only I could spell.....grrrrrr

Spelled this one right!

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