Thursday, March 14, 2013

Southwest Table topper

Spring 2012
As I planned my spring sewing trip I was looking for that "project"to do. After talking with a friend at work she asked if I could come up with a table covering for an antique table that a friend of her had. He has two dogs and he wanted to protect the table. She gave me pictures of his home and turned me loose.

Made it down to Rainbows End and began my search for fabric. I had sketched out a really rough idea of what I thought would work but the whole thing really didn't come together until I picked the fabric.

Once the fabric was decided on the whole thing went relatively quick. Cut the fabric into 2.5 inch squares.

Once I got the top done I had to figure out the sides. She mentioned she wanted something that would hang over the sides. Used a cording and added the side pieces. Overall I was pretty pleased. Had enough squares to make two pillows also!

The finished product!

Now that is what you do with leftover fabric!  Just saying!

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