Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dad's Star Trek Quilt-Boldly going where I haven't gone before.

I have decided to make my Dad a Star Trek Quilt.  He is so into it and he is always asking me what I brought him.  Imagine the day he asks me and I pull this baby out.  I am pretty jazzed about this.  Hope I dont end up feeling like I did about the Tardis!  Anyway.  Grabbed the handy dandy graph paper.  I bought a pattern called "Sidelights" which is my inspiration for this however I am not so great at seeing beyond the ugly fabric or following a pattern that great.  I have already begun to gather the fabric for this quilt.  Utilizing Spoonflower again (gosh I love that site) I have started to pick the fabric and put them together.  Taking a page out of my friend Nancy's book, I laid it out in Word on a graph and cut and pasted pics of the fabric I have already purchased.  Not sure if the final will look like this but being the visual person that I am it gives one the idea of where I am headed.......                                                                                                           

Fat Quarter Schematics of a Star Class ship

Fat Quarter of Lt. Data's Posatonic upload.  Kinda neat. 
So I began by creating the grid using a table in Word.  Copied and pasted and maneuvered the pictures so I can start to see what the final product MIGHT look like.  Still have a long way to go, but its a start.  Cannot wait till the fabric shows up.  Ordered the two fat quarters below from Spoonflower.  I also have three fabrics coming from Ebay.  I will have to be careful putting them all together.  Cant wait.  More later.......

Well ran I into a few issues and has to change up the design. Misplaced the fat quarter of Data's brain and then the starship fabric was very washed out looking and not good quality at all so scratch that.  Used some other bright Star Trek fabric I found. 

Chose the bright space fabric for the back. I am so attracted to bright colors. Using all this black has really been hard. 

Got the pieces down to my quilting friends in Florida and with a lot if pushing and encouragement from my friends I got the thing finished. 

On the long arm!  

Chose a grid pattern for the all over quilting. Really added to the overall look of the quilt. Love it!

Finished!  Bordered in space stars. 

Dad and his new quilt!

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