Monday, September 1, 2014

Minnie Mouse Quilt

Just ran across the most amazing quilt idea. I am a member of a Facebook site called The Main Street Mouse.  It's all Disney addicts discussing all things Disney.  Someone posted a quilt they received as a gift and I fell in love!

So we begin the planning process...
I searched the Internet and found the shapes I wanted.  Copied to MSWord and re sized.  Not terribably technical but it worked for me. 

Love this bow however can I get it to look right?

Used 10.5 inch blocks

Had to put stabilizer behind the white squares. Didn't want anything to show through the thin white fabric. But how cute is the white on white dots?

Used red to make the bow puckers. Probably should have used a slight different shade for more emphasis. 

The sashing is 2.5 inch 

Coming together!!!!!

Decisions. What to border with?  No loving solid black.   DOTS!!!

My first attempt at mitered corners!  Who hoo it was not hard at all. I love YouTube videos!

Border is 5.5 inches. 

Well it's done!  Turned out super cute. Quilted the edges on an angle every inch or so and outlined the middle of the boxes with Rays.  

Love it. Time to pack and send to its new 
owner!  A friends granddaughter. 

I think she loved it too!


  1. This is so darling, have a lot of little girls who love minnie, thank you

  2. Do you have a pattern or can you tell me where I might get one?

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this and want to make it for my soon to be 3 year old granddaughter. Do you happen to have a pattern for Minnie's head or a site to find it? Many many thanks! Jane

  4. Do you have sources for material and a pattern? You are so talented!


  5. could you tell me where you found the head and bow templates? I have a little Minnie Mouse fanatic in the family! She is three and would love this!

  6. This is adorable! Do you have measurements?

  7. She looks so proud of her quilt, Very nice.

  8. Do you have a picture of the reverse side of the quilt. I'm interested to know if you quilted around the head and how it looked once completed.

  9. I am so bad to read comments. Thank you all. There is no pattern that is why I show the step by step. I found the head on google and just printed off on cardboard and cut around then blanket stitched down. Same with the bow. I have since began using an embroidery machine and have purchased a Minnie head and used the embroidery machine to appliqué for this. Much cleaner.